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    Was that during hunting season?

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    I think they do get pretty dumb during the rut, but I still think if they get a real good nose full of you they are gone.There are probably some cases where an animal hasn't seen a human and I think then they can be pretty curious. I had 2 yearling whitetails walk up to me right as the sun was coming up when I was turkey hunting. I was standing in the middle of a 100 acre hay field waiting on the turkeys to start gobbling,and they came within 15 yards. I had a buck bed within a few feet of the tree I was in once, and he layed there for probably 2 hours and never smelled me or where I walked in and climbed the tree. When I was ready to leave I wanted to run him off without him seeing me, so I got the bright idea to throw my hand warmer I had been using all morning down at him. It landed about 1 foot in front of him. It didn't scare him when it hit the ground, but then he reached down and smelled it and about turned inside out. He took off on a dead run until I couldn't see him anymore.

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    No Pete, It was summertime. No rut or anything. A long time ago I ran right beside a bull in a dirt road, could have punched him with my empty gun.



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