Thanks for all of the replies everyone. I think I will be getting a fletching jig and start fletching my own arrows with my own equipment (I have been borrowing a buddies jig). I think I'll still have someone cut the arrows for me until I get an arrow saw. Couple of questions again...

What type of fletchings does everyone use? I see one for blazers or feathers. I'm looking at either Blazers or fusion vanes (shorter style). I have shot blazers in the past with no issues, just wondering if there are any noticeable differences with blazers vs fusions.

Second, what does everyone use to square their arrows after being cut?

Last, right now I shoot 28.5" arrows with a 28.5 inch draw. The insert of my arrow goes to the end of my shelf with my broadhead sticking out past the shelf of the bow. I have been trying to decide if I should go to a shorter arrow and start cutting my arrows to 27.5 and add a 125 grain broadhead instead of a 100 grain broadhead. Thoughts?