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I like what I read here, sounds like a lot of us thing alike.

I do have sympathy for those the government shutdown is affecting and agree that it is an unnecessary hardship on those who are doing an honest days work for an honest days pay. Also for any vet or other person who was working hard until circumstances made them unable to do so. I have absolutely NO problem with helping to support anyone unable to support themselves, that has made an effort and had the desire to do so in the past. At the same time I don't believe in a lot of government programs that use our dollars to support those who make no effort to support themselves without them having to serve the country in some fashion.

The battle being fought with the shut-down and debt limit is definitely being made more painful than necessary by members on both sides of the aisle. Fact is that the battle should have been fought long ago before we got to this level of debt and the condition the country is in now. That would have required it be fought by leaders not those just wanting to kick the can further down the road and get re-elected. While I'm on my soapbox I will throw two ideas out before stepping off that I think are vital to the future of the country. Both are simple and make sense I think.

Constitutional amendments for:

Term limits. Career politicians are much of the problem. It does not serve their interest to hash out hard issues or make tough decisions, just stay in office and kick the can. Take a lifetime of politics and the backscratching needed to get re-elected off the table and it simplifies the process of making the right decision for the country. Even being on local boards you see people come in with fresh ideas and re-vitalize the board. I saw it myself when a new member came in during the last year of my term and we pulled off an event I'd never of dreamed of. I was burned out and beat down, his fresh perspective improved things. Everyone has a limited amount of fresh ideas to contribute, put them out there and vote then get out of the way of progress. 8yrs is plenty for everyone in office this country was founded on people who had real world experience not lifetime politicians.

Balanced budget. Borrowing more than we take in is stupid and unsustainable in the long run. The first idea I threw out would help take care of this problem I think, less promises of finances or results to get re-elected. Our debt is excessive as it is, and not being able to even balance the budget let alone repay any of it is stupid and the rest of the world sees us acting this way. It helps nobody, we waste plenty of money that could be re-allocated where it is needed.

Heard the guy that had been run off for mowing the grass at memorials without permission on the news tonight. He had an awesome quote that I will screw up here, but the gist of it was that politicians in DC need to have their limos stay home and be picked up on a bunch of short yellow buses. Pretty good idea.
Agree completely. I'm a bit pessimistic about the lifetime politician voting for term limits. We need to clean house.