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    Been hunting with the 260 Rem since it hit the market in 1997. Own a Model Seven with 20" barrel and an A-Bolt with 22" barrel. Only hunted Whitetails but never lost one. Longest shot was 300 yards but most inside 100. Don't have any idea how it would be on Elk but if I were after Elk I would carry my 300WSM. My son hunts hunts with the 7mm-08 and is quiet confident with it. All that being said if I was buying today I would probably go with the 7-08 over the Creedmore due to ammo availability.

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    How about a 257 weatherby?I am thinking that will be my next rifle to join my 300s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MAKAIRA View Post
    How about a 257 weatherby?I am thinking that will be my next rifle to join my 300s.
    I had a .257 Wby and shot several antelope with it. Finally sold it to a buddy when I came to the realization that my old reliable Ruger M77 25-06 was just as good. I found out after a lot of tinkering with the Wby that they can be a little tempermental with reloads. Shot great with factory ammo, but at around $3.00 a round, reloads were called for. They have a lot of free bore and in my experience you need to find the right combination for them to shoot great. I do shoot a .300 Wby, but it is not a factory rifle and it shoots great with less free bore. If you want a .25, hard to beat the 25-06, I've shot one since the 60's when it was a wildcat (called .25 Neider back then) and killed over 100 deer & antelope with it. My 1976 vintage Ruger is still shooting great!
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