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Thread: Nm unit 17

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    Nm unit 17

    Im thinking of getting a cow tag for unit 17 in new mexico, i have no idea where to begin in this unit or where to go for elk,itll be my first elk hunt and me and my friends are looking to make a good hunting trip out of it. Info on where to go,what roads to take or anything would be appreciated.

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    Are you a resident of New Mexico or non-resident? My understanding is Unit 17 is excellent for trophy bulls, but quite difficult to hunt and lower success due to low elk densities. For a cow hunt there may be better choices for a unit, with higher elk densities and higher success rates.
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    If you are talking about the youth encouragement hunts in 17 for cows in December and January then don't buy one. Try for the 16's. My brother and dad went on one of the youth encouragement hunts in 17 several years ago and didn't see a single elk track, no poop, and definitely no elk. They move out of the unit right after it snows to lower country. Last year I got a youth encouragement tag for 16E and I was able to kill a nice cow.



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