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Both units are great but I have to go with Jen on this one. It is 38 for me all the way. I too know it exceptionally well and cannot sing the praises of 38 enough. I might say the same of 45 if I knew it as well. The nice thing about 38 is the ability to "follow the herd" if snow pushes them down low. There is a vast array of terrain types and one can hunt from the road and day hike into places or get pretty buried in the bush via backpack, it all depends on what you like. I've done both in there and the quality of the hunts is always wonderful. This last Labor Day weekend found me tagless but a good buddy had drawn 38. We car camped and hunted around our camp. We were in elk the entire time we were out and he punched his tag on a nice bull the third day. He wasn't looking for a trophy and wanted a soft bed each night. Short hikes and lots of elk made for a comfortable, relaxing, and enjoyable hunt. That being said the times I've packed in deeper have been great as well. It all depends on what a hunter is looking for. My two pesos.
Yay!!!! Someone agrees with me!!