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    I'm planning a hunt in 2014 in area 23 & 24. There are always left over tags in those units because of limited public land access. I have a ranch lined up to huntin those units for my buck. My question is there anyway I could hunt something else while I'm out there. Could I buy a doe or buck tag a possibly go after them on some walk in areas or hunt some for the hunter assistance areas.

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    I am assuming your still talking about antelope. the answer is yes. Usually they have doe/fawn tags that are available really cheap. I always apply for a couple of them in the same unit I am hunting. Make sure you check the appropriate box that indicates you don't want the doe/fawn tag (s), if you don't get drawn for the buck tag. You have that option, I always use it as I don't want to come and hunt only does. They are a type 6 tag and are 48.00.
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