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    Quote Originally Posted by Sea Shift View Post
    I think she was DQ'ed. Rules for the contest is that you do not solicit votes on other web sites or magazines....... oops

    Hi Sea Shift, I noticed that this was your first post on the Eastman's forum.

    I'm curious if you can tell me more about what you know? I'm aware of several members who have asked for votes on various "web sites" and forums. I've also read the story contest rules on more than one occasion, and there appears to be no restriction on someone asking for votes. The vast majority of votes that I'm aware of, that my wife's story received, were from people I've worked on developing a relationship with. I've referred dozens of people to become Huntin Fool members over the 15 years I've been a member. My family has provided Huntin Fool four exclusive stories and numerous pictures that have gone to print. Do you know anything about her story being "DQ'ed" or is that something you just suspect may have happened?
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