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    Black Hills Deer Herd

    Does anyone know what that snowstorm did to the deer herd around the black hills? I have heard reports that the news is not good? On another note. I have plans to head to the same area in the spring for turkeys. I am hoping they made it through a little better????

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    Haven't really heard how the deer herd came out of that snowfall. I do know that deer numbers are WAY down this year. Use to go out and see 100 deer and this year it wasn't til 4pm that we saw our first buck, a spike. Ran into lots of nonresidents who were really upset about not seeing anything. I told them it was advertised really good that we were down. They told me they didn't think it would be this bad.

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    I think people should be more worried about the lions eating everything in sight.

    I only spent time on the southern end this year but saw plenty of deer both before and after the blizzard. I am sure that the storm took some wildlife but the reports of dead cattle and such came most often from the prairies where nothing stood in nature's way.



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