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    Non Resident Kansas Mule Deer

    Any non residents out there that have hunted Kansas for mule deer? Looking for some basic info regarding how the draw/application process works and what types/areas of hunting are open to non residents.

    My preference is DIY, but I am not sure what Kansas state regulations are regarding outfitter requirements and what Kansas' public land access is like.

    Any information one would care to share regarding non resident deer hunting in Kansas would be helpful.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Non-residents are only elgible to hunt muleys with a bow or muzz. You need to draw a tag & a mule deer stamp. You pick 2 units that join. As far as public goes there is alot of wiha but it gets hit hard. Bird hunters run alot of deer out stomping through them. I would reccomend finding some private ground. I lived in Kansas for 10 years & have a lifetime. It is a great state but it gets alot of pressure.

    Good Luck
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    Figure out the land situation ahead of time. Deer get smart and access gets hard in areas with roads on every mile line. No getting off the beaten path to find game, everything is within range from the road or a very short walk.



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