Hey folks. I need some opinions please. I have been building p-points in Colorado now for 7 years. In the beginning it was all directed at unit 66 for a late rifle trophy hunt. Well,point creep has put the rut season just about off the radar. So,that leaves the first rifle season. We got snowed out of elk camp a day early this year,and holed up at the Gunnison KOA for a couple days to clean up and get ready to head home. I seized the moment and did a little scouting over in 66. One evening and one daybreak trip. We saw a few bucks. Nothing worth 7 or 8 years of planning and p-points. 2 friends of ours were hitting town as we were leaving. They hunted 66 the following week with a well known guide from the area. They both scored OK bucks. Not what the unit is known for that's for sure. My question is this. With 7 or 8 preference points,should I bag the whole unit 66 thing,and look at another unit? Maybe something that I can get drawn in for a rifle rut hunt with that few points? Sit on the points I have and hold out for the second season in 66 as a retirement gift to myself ? While hunting deer in other states that I can draw every couple years ? I'm 51 and want to hunt Muleys! Right now I don't care where. I'm happy with hunting other localities every other year until I can get a good season in Colorado. Holy crap. My life is slipping away and I haven't raised a rifle at a single Muley. It's very frustrating. Anyone else ever find themselves in a similar quandary?