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Thread: Looking Back

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    I hunt mule deer smokepole every year at timberline. You can't beat the weather, big bucks up high, and the use of a firearm for 9 days. That is my favorite hunt every year hands down.
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    i know many of my friends in southern states who usually come to colorado, didnt because of the gun laws that were being pushed around tag time.

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    I hunted a small private ranch in CO this year that an outfitter I trust had me go hunt. It is usually booked up every year but this year one of the hunter's wives got cancer and they cancelled. The rancher only allows 6 hunters a year and usually at least 2-3 deer in the 160-170 range are taken.

    We hunted there 2nd season which the rancher says is the better season there and while we saw lots of bucks, we saw 2 bucks around 145-150 and that was it. The rancher said it was the worst year for antler size he has seen in a long time.

    I'm from out of state but from what I hear the rains came too late for good antler growth.



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