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    Quote Originally Posted by Colorado Cowboy View Post
    The real problem (from an applicant standpoint) is the fewer tags each year. 2013 down about 40% since 2009.
    Applying in the special pool will drastically improve your odds. Two to three years applying in that pool should statistically assure a tag. Personally, I'd like to hunt a unit on the down cycle in numbers of tags.
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    I agree with that. I have max points and am thinking about the special tag.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Colorado Cowboy View Post
    The thing that keeps me coming back to it is the bucks I've seen there.
    Its hard to argue with that! I think if I had max points I would stick with it but I only have 3 points and I would like to draw a tag with 4 or 5 points but I will see what happens the next year or 2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MTnsheds View Post
    If not, any thoughts or suggestions? MTnsheds
    I sent you a PM.



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