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Thread: Nebraska Deer

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    Nebraska Deer

    I have access to a large parcel of private land near Harrison NE, I am looking into trying for a nice mule deer, or white tail, the ranch has both. How does the draw process work in Nebraska? Can you buy OTC tags as a non resident? Any help would be appreciated. I looked at the Nebraska game and fish website and i am pretty confused. This would be my first out of state hunt.

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    You can buy a whitetail statewide permit that will allow you to hunt all seasons. Or a statewide buck only that restricks you to firearm season only and will allow you a mule deer as long as you are not in a mule deer conservation area. Or if you want just apply for your unit. I believe you will be able to buy that tag over the counter, just don't hold me to it. Pm me if you want with your phone number and I will try to walk you threw the guide I would be glad too help if I can.

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    You have the right spot and the right state for your first out of state hunt. There are 3000 license available for the Pine ridge. I love hunting the Pine Ridge. I don't trophy hunt there any longer. Public land has enough hunters and they shoot anything. I did see some good private land muleys last year and you should be able to take a good deer. My brother and I scouted hard for several days and saw several good bucks. Good luck and post your pictures



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