Well we were out there for the opener actually day and a half before to scout. First let me say the town of Cody id very cool. I miss how nice most people are out west. We were all successful and ice box did a very good job and treated us very fair. We went to proud cut one night for dinner and food was very good, but the service was horrible and we were only the second table in there. Now to the hunt. The area was very dry. The first full day of scouting we covered a bunch of land with only seeing a few antelope and nothing big at all. Even came across an area that had 4 dead cows spread across it. No matter where we went or how far we walked we never seen the numbers I thought we would. Largest group was 13 and on private ground. On public seen 6 together was the largest. Only once was there two bucks close together and they were trying to run each other off. All the bucks we killed were solo bucks, with 3 of them just hanging out on there knob by them selves not another antelope with in a mile. Well here is what we were able to come home with.

75 yard shot

100 yard shot

300 yards shot

360 yard shot