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    Rut or wintering area for elk, which would you choose?

    I'm interested to see what you guys would choose.

    I have two states where I have points and can draw quality rut firearm tags for bulls in the 300-330 class…but I also have enough points to draw a better quality area for bulls in the 320-350 in their wintering area. Which would you choose?

    In all cases the hunter success is very high on all of the hunts, up around 70%, so getting a bull does not seem to be the issue. The late hunts do not appear to be dependent on snow or bad weather and are traditional wintering areas the bulls move into after the rut.

    September hunts: Lots of rutting action, shirt sleeve weather, good camping weather.

    November hunts: Higher chance for a bigger bull. Lots of glassing, primarily hunting mornings and evenings as the bulls are up to feed. Lots of bulls with broken antlers that have to be sorted through. Colder weather.

    Which would you choose?

    I'd have to say there is nothing better than hunting the rut with a firearm….except for maybe a big bull….lol.
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