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    No landowner vouchers for me. If its not DIY public land or a landowner letting me hunt for next to nothing its not going to happen for me. Im doing good to afford the tag and fuel to get there. I always thought he was looking for people with more money then I have.

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    I have only used the app service, not the magazine side.

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    I like knowing where they're pimping so I can apply elsewhere. I do enjoy the photos of the animals, but am noticing a lot of eastern hunters in there that don't know as much about the west getting taken for a ride with their services. Note that they usually aren't hunting the units they pimp unless it's on a landowner tag.
    I feel like I've seen their article on how to take photos about 20x in the last 5 years. They just change the format, author or the example photos every other month.
    I enjoy the more DIY attitude with Eastmans as it's more my style. Just my .02

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    Other than the pictures, I am not impressed with HF. The stories are super short and not the quality of the stories in EBJ and EHJ. The info is far less useful than the MRS and the whole thing is done basically to get clients for the owners. That's backwards of the Eastmans' philosophy which is oriented toward the hunter and his benefit. It's no contest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Umpqua Hunter View Post
    Interesting that Epic Outdoors are five of the guys who left Huntin Fool including family (Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, Chris Petersen, Kurt Connley, John Petersen) and they are based in the same small town of Cedar City that Huntin Fool is based out of.
    Not really surprising, with HF's recent sell it makes you wonder how long it's been getting shopped around.



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