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    MR CC covers all! The basic CC is awesome but I really like the added cap that can double as a very small pack and the additional bags that can go along with the pack and double or triple your enclosed material capacity.

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    My partner hunted with an X2 last year and is hunting with the Sacrifice this year. The Sacrifice seems like a great pack. I was set to get one this year as well, but after reading the EBJ article, I went with the Flash 32. I think they are both great packs. They both have a ton of pockets that are easily accessible. I went with the Sitka pack due to how quiet the material is. I am a Badlands fan though. I have a 2200 and I love it for weekend hunts. We are hunting 11 days out of the Sacrifice and Flash 32 this year. We have our pack weight down to 35 pounds. Our goal was 30 pounds a piece, but it feels like we are down to a bare minimum as it is. We don't expect to pack a lot of meat with either pack. Our plan is to hike out and get horses when we make our kills.

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    I did a lot of research before I bought my last pack. I ended up with an Eberlestock Blue Widow. Awesome pack.
    Thats all I have to say.



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