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    I've got 3 sets of their long underwear, and they are very comfortable and warm.
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    I got a pair of their fire hose pants for doing fence work. They were comfy but didn't hold up as well as carharts. Barbed wire shreaded them fairly quickly as the material isn't as slick as carharts and must have been easier to snag.

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    Like some above have already said good stuff.
    I wear their underwear it is like going commando....
    Got the firehose pants for work and they are great. Lots
    Of pockets for tools. The everyday work pants on sale are
    Great for summer time.
    The only thing I brought that was not as robust as I thought
    It should be was the shore man fleece jacket. It is nice , just thought
    It would be thicker ....

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    I have their flex firehose pants and some of their short-sleeve henleys, I love them. I've got a bigg butt and thighs and their pants fit great - I especially like the crotch gusset. Like Hardstalk said, they're baggy, but that's exactly what I need. I can definitely see where they'd be a little big on some of the, ahem, "not-so-full-figured" guys .

    Their henley's are a little heavy for the summer here in the desert, but the rest of the year, they're great. I'm going to be getting some more short-sleeves (more colors) and some long sleeves.

    I have a few of the Cabela's riverwash henleys and they were looking kind of crappy after a few washes (little holes, fading really bad, etc), the Duluth shirts are holding up great after 6+ months.

    The pants do fade a bit pretty quickly, but nothing too bad and they hold up really well. The oldest ones that I have (over a year old now) are starting to show some wear on the sides of the cargo pockets, where my wallet and whatever else I have in my pockets rub up against other stuff.

    Compared to other pants I've worn, that amount of wear is acceptable, most pants I've had will be literally coming apart by this point.

    Oh, and one thing that I really like about their cargo pants is that the flaps for the cargo pockets are stiffer, so they don't get all dog-eared and messy looking.

    I have to add - the most important thing is to wait until around holidays. I've only been buying from them for just over a year and I'm now figuring out that they have sales around the major holidays.

    That's the only real complaint I have about Duluth - they don't give you any clue about when they will have a sale and if you ask any of their customer service people, they'll tell you that they don't know when the next one will be.

    I've had a couple of times where I bought stuff and a week or two later, they had the same stuff 20% off.
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