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    I would not recommend a 270 wsm. They are not that efficient at all. You are very limited in releasing because most of the guns can't take a very long cartridge in the magazine. This limits your COAL and you will end up with every load being a compressed load, for the most part.
    Does the caliber kill? Yes I have killed elk, pig, blacktail deer as well as mules. It just wouldn't be my first choice if I had it to do over again.

    The 7mm-08, 308 or 30-06 AI would be my top three to choose from.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alaska2go View Post
    savage. My buddy purchased the weather warrior w/ accu trigger & stock. That joker can shoot the wings off a mosquito @ 100 with it still living. I was very impressed with right of box accuracy w/ factory loads. I also like the 3 position safety. After we broke it in we were hitting 8" x 8" steel plate @ 600 yards every shot on a calm cold day ( -3F)
    Yes the Savage, especially for the money!
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