This question is for Montana residents only please. What are your thoughts on Block Management hunting areas? My own thoughts are that the govt. should not take our wildlife funds and use them in this way. It has been my observations that Block land is usually overhunted, especially the units that only require signing in at a box. I have seen these areas get hit every day for weeks straight. It also seems like a lot of these areas are mainly used by non-residents. I do not believe the gov't. should run an entitlement program for hunting , which is what the BMP really is. Wouldn't these tax monies be better spent paying landowners to enhance their land for wildlife? The last few years our state has seen a significant decline in deer numbers in a lot of areas, yet the fwp keeps selling "b" tags like there is no tomorrow, only now figuring out what most people in the state have been screaming for the last couple of years, "stop selling doe tags!" Should my tax money really go to helping some guy from out of state have a place to hunt? I say no. There is federal and state lands for this, along with ranchers and farmers who allow access without being in the BMP . From what I have seen a lot of these out of staters have no regard for the animals they are pursuing nor the land they pursue these animals on. When you see a chunk of Block get hunted every hour of legal hunting time for a month straight, it is really disheartening. Please contact your State of Montana Reps in Helena and tell them we need to make changes to the BMP, thanks.