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Thread: New Guy - Intro

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    Subscribe to one of the magazines and you'll learn the in' sand out's of each state.

    NM doesn't have points, but even non-residents get drawn. I've only put in the last 5 years and drew a tag for one of the most competitive units. Probably never get drawn again, but I'll keep trying!

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    Umpqua Hunter nailed it. Idaho has a similar structure with no bonus/preference points, it is random chance every time you put in for a tag. I agree with Bughalli, spend the money on Eastman's magazine and study the rules and regulations for each state. The magazines have all the information you need in one location and will update any changes from year to year. The state hunting websites can be really tough to navigate and find the information you are looking for. Good Luck!

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    Sure must be a good job to be worth moving to El Paso for it. The only good parts of Texas around there are all in New Mexico if you ask me! LOL welcome to the form!



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