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    I've used the Alps Mountaineering Vertex 2 for two seasons now. So far it's been a very good tent for the price. I've used it into late October here in British Columbia through some pretty heavy snow and some wind(not really extreme winds so I'm not sure how it will do). Fortunately all of my backcountry backpack hunts have been either dry or snow so I'm still waiting to see how it performs in the rain. The first season using the tent my hunting partner didn't have backpack tent so mine was used and although it was cozy it still worked(it has two decent vestibules and doors) but this past hunting season he had purchased his own and as a one man it is great. On one trip this year I spent 6 nights in aprox. 25cm of snow and temperatures down to-10 or -11C with no condensation issues and no dampness in the tent. It isn't a BA or Hilleberg but then again it cost a fraction of the price and so far has done it's job. I'm in the early stages of planning a N. British Columbia Stone Sheep/Caribou fly in backpacking trip so my buddy and I want to use the gear we'll be taking for a few years on shorter trips to work out the kinks. I manage 3-4 weekenders per hunting season and so far at least one longer(5+ days) backpack trips.

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    Thanks for the feedback guys.

    I got to review several tents in person last weekend and I think I am leaning towards the BA Coppuer Spur UL2. As much as I like some other tents online I can't really justify getting some of them because of $ or the fact I can get my hands on them. I really like the the weight and $ of the BA Copper Spur and it is more inline for what I was hoping to spend and get.

    Haven't made the purchase yet, but I hope to soon. There seems to be some pretty good off season deals if you are looking.



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