First time poster but been an Eastman subscriber for 5+ years and have been collecting elk(5) and deer(8) points for a while. I would like to come and have the chance to see some bulls, have great experience in Wyoming and potentially harvest a 300" bull. However, it seems 5 points is kind of in "no mans land" as far as Blue and Green chip areas. I would like a DIY hunt in non-wilderness area with sufficient public land hunt. It seems after combing over areas and draw odds from 2013 that unit 38,40 or 41 would work. I really cant afford to come back twice to utilize then archery/rifle for 41 and 38/40 is either archery or rifle. I am leaning heavy towards rifle and was wondering if anybody had any advise or experience in any of the aforementioned units?
Thanks in advance for any insight.