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    carbon knight or mission ballistic

    I am going to be buying a new bow in a couple weeks and got it down to these two... the bowtech carbon knight , and the misson ballistic... what did you like and what did u hate on both bows... what would u bring home thanks

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    I wasn't able to shoot the mission ballistic, but I was really impressed with the carbon knight. It was smooth, quiet, little to no vibration, and not bad for speed. Only hing I didn't like is the grip is a little boxy.

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    I thought the knight felt real smooth. Shot solid. I might be going Hoyt next. Love the Spyder

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    Two close friends own the CK, I own a Bowtech Invasion. I am not a brand junkie, I jump around to what shoots good for me. I will say that the Carbon knight was a really smooth and accurate bow. And really fast to boot. I have not shot the mission ballistic. Being in the Mathews family of bows I am positive it is a smooth shooter, most all of them are. What I would do if I were you is go shoot as many different brands and bows as possible and let the bow pick you. You'll know it when you shoot "that bow that you have to have" based on how it feels and fits your frame. It should feel natural from hand placement on the grip, to the anchor point on your face.

    Another cheaper alternative is the bowtech assassin if you haven't looked at them. This is a really good option especially if you do not have any accessories such as sights, stabilizer ect....Also, I ma not sure if the Mission has a draw length adjustment, most Mathews you have to actually buy the draw length cam in order to change it. The two BTs mentioned are adjustable. If it was me, and I had sights and all of that, I would look hard at that CK. It has some great technology in the cam system. I've been pleased with my Invasion and I have owned several top end bows from different companies. Good luck!

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    Have you tried Elite? Went from Mathews to Elite, very, very smooth and quite!

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    Shoot them both and see which one you like. The only negatives I have read on the CK is the grip is different.
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