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    If you have better glass you will glass more. With cheaper glass your eyes will get tired quicker and you wont glass for as long. I have had plenty of cheaper binos and I finally got a pair of swaro's over 10 years ago (the first year the EL's came out) and while I really didnt want to spend that kind of money at the time I can honestly say since I got them I have never regretted buying them and they are still as clear as the day I got them.

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    +1 on anything Vortex. I don't think anything compares to them in their price rangefinder the lower price points. Pick the best Vortex you can afford and you won't be sorry.
    Once you get in the $1500 and up range there are better choices but below that the vortex glass and especially the warranty make them the best choice. Run over them with a trick and they send you a new pair.

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    Thank you. I am checking out Vortex now.



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