I found this site while researching antelope hunting in Wyoming. I really like how it is set up. First of all I'll introduce myself. I'm Canadian and live in southern British Columbia(BC), I'm basically a mountain hunter due to the fact that 99% of my hunting is within 40-50km(25-30miles) of my home. I hunt mule deer, whitetail, elk, grouse, rabbit, coyotes, wolves, turkey and waterfowl. I was successful in one of our draws and had the opportunity to hunt mountain goat in my region(4-06) but discovered quite quickly that goat hunting is perhaps not my thing. I tried hard but in reality I think I would need to find a goat with vertigo, they live in places that I find insane. I hunt on foot and my favourite way to hunt is backpacking up into one of our high alpine lakes and hunting the subalpine for mule deer or elk. The cutthroat fishing is often very productive(not huge fish but between the two of us we usually catch enough for a meal) so some trips more fishing gets done then hunting.
The reason I was researching Wyoming was all due to a magazine article in Successful Hunter this past summer which described a hunt into Wyoming's high mountain valleys. The author backpacked into some incredible backcountry where I would never have guessed Pronghorn live. Now I realize from reading the regs that nonresidents require a guide in designated wilderness areas but many antelope hunt areas, specifically 84,85,86,87 have large portions which are not designated wilderness yet are still in the mountains. In the next 4-5 years I would love to hunt pronghorn so I'm starting now looking at what is involved. I am not a trophy hunter so I'm not interested in a monster, in fact I would even be interested in taking a doe just to be able to do a trip like this. And truth be told the budget is tight so buying a lot of pp is not feasible. Does anyone have first hand knowledge of what these areas are like, ie public access, what camping is like, would packing in 5-6hrs to a day on foot get me far enough in to be out of the crowds, do I need to be drawn for a doe or if it possible to purchase a tag over the counter. Honestly though my backpacking trips are more about the getting into some really incredible areas than putting an animal on the ground. Not saying I don't try hard but if I only hunted for the kill I would have given up decades ago.
Anyhow thanks in advance to anyone willing to share information and once again this has to be the best hunting forum I've come across yet.