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    Bruce Eberlestock was great and responded quickly but I have not heard back from badlands.

    - "A lot depends on what you are going to do with the pack-but the H1 will certainly fit her"

    still no clear answer on a more substantial pack.


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    Well she ended up going with the badlands Kali pack. Even being a womens pack it has to be cinched up all the way for it to fit her. But it does fit and is a really nice pack. The only thing was when I first started looking for one they where $130 and they are $160. Not sure what the price jump was all about. Should have bought one a few months ago.

    I still need to locate a Diablo back. I'm thinking it might be a good back to replace my Blacks Creek. Its a good pack but I just end up putting way to much stuff into it and now it weighs to much.

    Thanks again for all the help.



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