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    Quote Originally Posted by AT Hiker View Post
    I love WY, actually been trying to convince my wife to move out there. We spend a few weeks every year, mostly in Yellowstone, but I do hunt a bit too!

    I dont think you could have a bad time out there, too much to see and do.
    If you figure out how to convince your wife let me know your secret. I'll pay good money to know.

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    I am hoping for a good experience in WY this fall and reading posts like this gives me some confidence in that. I have to say everyone I spoke to out there has been very friendly and helpful. I just don't know how the folks in WY will take to a hunter from the greatest state in the union NY.. Its hard to relay sarcasm on computer so yes that was very sarcastic!! FWI not from NYC, more sarcasm.

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    The people of WY have no problem with NR hunters. I've been there several years in a row and will continue till I can't hunt. Down to earth guys that work for a living and understand there is enough opportunity for everybody. As many Elk as Oregon and a population less than Portland.

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    Great post, ever since my first western hunt in WY is all I think about...bad part is I live 15 hours away...



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