I have been thinking about starting bow hunting and would like to get a compound bow but I dont really know much about bows or what I should get or look for in a bow. Draw weight, draw length, axle to axle, brace height, let off, ect, are all pretty foreign terms to me. I want a bow I can use for deer and elk. Im not looking for a high end bow comparable to a $4000 custom gun, but I dont want something cheap that I will want to upgrade in a couple years either. Im not looking to make it my primary weapon, although anything could happen down the road, but mostly I want to hunt some general elk areas in Idaho and they have an archery season before the rifle season that I would like to hunt and if nothing else it would be a scouting trip and I would go back later for the rifle season. I have looked into Martin archery some because they are a local company about 90 miles away from me but I am certainly not committed to them. Any makes, models, features to look for/avoid would be very helpfull. Thanks!