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    Elite Energy 35

    Now I've done it. I went and tried the Elite Energy 35 before I pulled the string on upgrading to the new Prime Alloy... ooops, I guess I am going to have to get on the Elite bandwagon this year (One of the few bow companies I guess I haven't actually owned in the last 40 years). I have to say, I LOVE my Prime Shift. I shoot that bow at distances past 40 yards better than any bow i've ever owned, but the Elite is VERY smooth... VERY VERY smooth! And, I need a new bow after basically shattering my wrist a few years ago and having it all put back together with pins and plates. I can't shoot the same poundage I used to shoot (70 just hurts to bad). Anyway, I ordered an Energy 35. Guess I will have to sell the Prime setup, hopefully to a good home.

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    I shot my friends new Elite answer last fall and loved it. Very nice rig. I've shot a many brands over the years, Mathews, Hoyt, Martin, I'm not brand loyal. I shoot what I like and feels/fits right when I buy a new bow. I will probably own an elite next to be honest.

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