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Thread: Forum Etiquette

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    Thats a very good example of an introduction BB!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Umpqua Hunter View Post
    Didn't bust ya too bad, welcomed you and just asked you to introduce yourself

    "Hi Travis, nice to have you. Maybe you could share a bit about yourself.

    Have you thought about eastern Montana, or applying for a general season in Wyoming (due March 15) or and easy to draw unit in Colorado (due early April). You would be driving through a lot of good muley country to get to Utah."
    Maybe caught would have been a better word... either way, I committed the forum cardinal sin!
    Now therefore, please take your weapons, your quiver and your bow, and go out to the field and hunt game for me.
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    Here is my intro. A little late and sorry about that. I just try to stay in the shadows when hunting and it was natural to do so on here. I started hunting elk in Colorado in 1978. By '81 I was bowhunting exclusively. Only used a rifle for coyotes and not always then. Hunted areas 33 and 34 in Co. Hunted for muleys here in SW Nebraska with a bow, spot n stalk 100%. Hunted a couple times in WY in the 80's. Started back in Wy about 2004 for deer with a bow then elk in unit 45. Shot a lope in wy in 114 in 2006 and that was first rifle kill in 25 years. Since then I have taken a couple antelope in unit 73 and a couple elk in unit 45 with a rifle. I will help anyone out if they need info on any of the places I have been in and could really help with southwest Ne if you are interested. I have spent a lot of time hunting upland game, sheds, turkeys and actually started out hunting whitetails so I'm not expert at any but know just a little about each. This is the only forum I have been on but have been a subscriber to Eastman's for 10 or 12 years. Just took me a while to catch on to the forum. There is a great deal on knowledge on this forum and a lot of great people that are members.
    Self employed with wife and 2 boys. None of them hunt but I have to. It's been in my blood since I was 4 or 5 and there wasn't a sparrow or pigeon on the farm safe from my bb gun.
    Thanks guys. David
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    Quote Originally Posted by tdcour View Post
    Maybe caught would have been a better word... either way, I committed the forum cardinal sin!
    Ha ha…we are glad you're here!
    Grand Slam #1005 + 2: Dall (1986 Yukon), Fannin (1987 Yukon), Bighorn (1988 Colorado Unit S-26), Stone (1995 British Columbia), Desert (2001 Nevada Unit 161), Bighorn (2009 Wyoming Unit 5)

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    We should have a "New Member Introduction" forum soon!

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