Hey all

I am wondering if anyone has had a shoulder injury in the past and how that has affected your ability to shoot a bow and carry a pack.

I have been an avid shooter, over 400 shots a week all year, for a number of years. Last summer while riding my road bike I was t-boned by a car blowing through a stop sign and I ended up in an ambulance. Complete separation of my left A/C joint (grade 3/4). This means my shoulder is no longer attached to my collar bone. My shoulder and shoulder blade "free float" now. I have been in physio rehab and hitting the gym daily focussing on the shoulder. I can now shoot about 50 arrows a night at my usual 70 pound draw before it starts to hurt so bad I have to stop. Last september I couldn't lift my bow past my waist so I am pretty happy with this.

If anyone out there has had an A/C separation or other shoulder injury I would love some info on how that affected your shooting and ability to carry a pack.