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    Clothing Layers-New Hunter's Resource

    What clothing system and layers do you use?

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    I use a combination of the following for most trips unless it is really cold.

    First lite Merino short sleeve T
    First lite Merino long sleeve Zip or First Lite merino Wool long sleeve Llano Crew or Sitka Mountain Mens Traverse Zip T
    Sitka Gear Men's Kelvin Insulated Vest Polyester or Sitka 90% Jacket
    Sitka Jetstream Jacket

    First Lite Merino Wool Boxer Short
    First Lite merino Wool Allegheny EXP
    Sitka Sitka Mountain Pants or Sitka Mountain Mens Timberline Pants

    Socks and hat
    Merino Wool Socks Med weight or Merino Wool Socks heavy weight
    Merino wool beenie or Ballcap



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