Hey guys, as you can see, Im new to this forum. I just drew unit 45 elk in WY and am very excited. I am from Utah and love hunting in Wyoming. Ive gone there 3 times for lopes and love it and am addicted to Lope hunting.
So now that I have drawn this tag, I am looking for some help and pointers. I have been in contact with 1 hunter, David, from this forum right off the bat. He has given me some great help and pointer. I would love to hear from others also.

I am looking for pics of bulls and area/terrain of this area. I think I might start off by Tensleep and Deer Haven Lodge. I hope to kill with a bow, but will return later for rifle if needed. Its an 8 hour drive for me. So my time off work needs to be used wisely. What type of bulls can I expect? Quality and quantity? I would be lying if I said Ill shoot anything. BUT, like everyone else (usually) I want to kill the best bull possible. Any help and pointers will be greatly appreciated. If I can be of help for Utah hunts, I will gladly trade info!

Thanks for any help! Happy Hunting!!!