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    Quote Originally Posted by AKaviator View Post
    The Boone and Crockett club has recently barred any animal taken with the aid of a drone from being included in the record book.

    Alaska banned their use also!
    That should stop some from using them. Hopefully others will follow B&C and not allow it either.
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    I think a new regulation prohibiting the use of unmanned drones for the actual hunt is a good idea. There will be someone that rigs up a drone with a rifle or shotgun and hunts with it. Another potential misuse of a drone is to drive/herd game to a particular hunter - something that could be an issue as well and both have been outlawed in many states when utilized while "in the air".

    On the flip side, these new drones show a lot of promise for use in game management - particularly, doing deer counts and assessing all sorts of aspects of a property. They have the potential to offer these abilities to landowners and they may make it more affordable to do regular counts and assessments. So, there are definitely some "good" uses for drones that should be delineated and permitted.

    I don't like the government imposing additional new rules on what we can and can't do- but there is some concern about the select few that will abuse it.

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    In favor of drones


    I'm doing a story for the Gillette News Record on drone assisted hunting. Not surprisingly, everyone I've talked to is against it. Despite being the media, we do want a fair and balanced article. Is there anyone here who knows of anyone that was or is for it? If so, please contact me a

    Thank you.



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