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    TX sheds...first time success!

    So this weekend I spent about 8 hrs walking around my father in laws west tx ranch looking for some whitetail sheds, here's what I found! The 10 pt set was my first complete set. I found the first along a trail, then found the second about 50 ft later. I think they are from a couple yrs ago. The big 8 set is from a deer we have history with. We named him Hollywood for loving the camera. The set I found were his from 2012-2013. If it wasn't for a doe diving in front of my arrow, (I have it on camera otherwise I wouldn't believe me either) I might have gotten him this year. I'm planning on mounting and displaying them. The other 2 halves of an 8 pt were the only I found from this year so far. Makes me think they all haven't dropped yet. I still can't believe I found a set of hollywood's though. Hope you guys enjoy hitherto pics!

    Also, if any of you have any tips on where to look for sheds, I'd appreciate it.

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