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    Touching the wild pbs show

    So I was switching channels last night (while Eastmans Forums was down) and I stumbled upon a show.
    The show was about the relationship between Joe Hutto and a herd of Mule Deer near Lander WY.

    I got sucked in quickly by the Mule Deer footage and the fact that I'll be hunting just a few miles away this fall.
    The basic theme was that MULE DEER ARE IN TROUBLE.
    It was done very much in a naturalist theme but was pretty well done.
    It spent some time on predators (wolves/cats) and although it showed some hunters harvesting animals it wasn't really anti-hunter.
    Overall I enjoyed it but I had some critical comments.
    (1) Joe Hutto never really spelled out why they were in trouble. He covered a lot of things but never went into some areas that I felt he should have (development, reduction in habitat etc).
    (2) The harvested buck (that he actually helped recover) was said to be 7 years old and observed (by Joe) as a fawn. It really looked older to me.
    (3) Finally; it was very obvious that he had grown extremely close to the herd. I just find it disturbing that he zeroed the herd location down to a couple of square miles. That just seemed inconsistent. Maybe he picked a cool name and threw a curve on the actual location, but I think he gave up the winter range for his "family" herd.

    Wondering if anyone else caught it and what they thought?
    Be prepared it is pretty cuddly but I thought it was worth the time watching.
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    I saw it, too. It was a unique look at mule deer.



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