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    Quote Originally Posted by Bnunley1 View Post
    I just want enough knock down power.
    Knock down power is a funny concept in elk hunting, IMO. I have seen bulls killed with a number of different cartridges from .243 to .338 WM. I have yet to see one get "knocked down" so to speak. I have seen them drop suddenly, but only from CNS hits. Usually regardless of caliber, they soak up a shot to the vitals and tip over when their blood pressure drops.

    I have killed my last couple elk with the 7 Rem Mag and found its performance more than adequate. My advice is to use the rifle you are most comfortable with. Bullet selection and shot placement erases any practical terminal difference between these two cartridges. As mentioned above, both of these cartridges are excellent choices for elk hunting with a quality bullet and well-placed shot.

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