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    Hi Mule3006Elk,

    Colorado Cowboy gave you excellent advice. A good gunsmith is as required as a good physician. The best components in the world won't be worth a darn if they're not fitted together properly.

    The reason I have deep respect for the .280 Rem is not just because it fires .284 caliber bullets. I like handy rifles that are powerful. For me, I prefer 22" barrels and rifles cambered for cartridges that won't loosen fillings. I have fired big guns. I prefer to shoot rifles with manageable recoil. A hunting equation that I learned a long time goes something like this: Big gun + big recoil = big miss. For me, the .280 would do everything I need done. On the other side, I know a hunter who has killed just about everything in North America, including griz, with 26" Weatherby chambered for .300 Wby. BTW, another hunting buddy who hasn't achieved neophyte status once told me that my 7MM Rem Mag is not an elk gun. When I told that to my Weatherby hunting buddy, he looked confused and responded, "What is he? Nuts?"

    I think that the 11th commandment of hunting is that we should hold other hunters in high regard and never speak ill of them. So far, I've never condemned another hunter for his rifle or cartridge preference. Of course, I might violate that commandment were I to run across a neophyte hunting elk with a .22 Hornet. As long as a hunter matches cartridges & bullets to game and is proficient with his rifles, I'll wish him hunting success.

    As we all know, within reason, hunting cartridges are personal preference. Truth be told, for all practical hunting conditions, the '06 might just be better than the .280 Rem. Even that elephant hunter said something to the effect that a Model 70 in .308 Win would have been a better choice than his 7X57. Heck, no cartridge would be a hunting cartridge if it couldn't kill game. I guess that the best we as hunters can hope for is to send a bullet that will penetrate and destroy into areas that will permanently interrupt an animal's ability to pump oxygenated blood to its brain. What cartridge we use to accomplish that boils down to preference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xtreme View Post
    I got my M70 gone as fast as possible because of the noise of the safety.
    700 makes alot more noise when it goes off when you dont want it too! The reliability of the M70 safety is 1 of the biggest reasons I am such a big fan of it.
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    I like to switch shoulders when carrying my rifle on a sling. I found that the safety on a 700 or the Colt light rifle I had with the same type safety would rub into the fire position against my pack on occasion when carrying the right handed bolt gun on my left shoulder. I sold them all, went to only tang (Savage, Browning) or 3 position (Winchester, Ruger) safetys. My buddy had the same problem, he put a PT&G 3 position on his 700. There are options.

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    I've built several customs on 700's and I doubt I'd change. I do like the model 70 looks but can't argue with all the after market stuff for the 700!

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