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In 2009 I had a Book Cliffs Roadless elk tag in Ut.. A friend of mine that lives in Moab packed me in with his mules. Killed a bull and left from there to camp for a couple days in Az. 5BN with some friends archery elk hunting. I left there and when I got to the Ag check and was driving away the old man working it starting yelling and running after me. He saw the antlers sticking up out of the truck. He was so excited I thought he crapped his pants. I had it caped out and was going to take it home to boil it for a Euro. He called Game and Fish and the Fish Cop was on his was home from the Sierra deer openers and he lived in Yuma. He showed up about an hour later. He was very nice and kept asking if I knew about the Ca. CWD law. I said yes. He wanted me to say no I guess so he wouldn't give me a ticket. Guess I just couldn't play dumb. I told him I wanted to do a Euro with it and was going to boil it at home. He said I either had to saw off the skull plate or he would have to confiscate it. He saw it was a nice bull and didn't want to do that. I sawed it off and threw the brain matter in their dumpster. Said I hope you don't have any deer dumpster diving here but I know for sure there isn't any in my truck or on the freeway to my house or at my house. He said the fine was only $100. It was $200. The old Ag jerk kept asking me to open up my coolers to check for spine before the F&G showed up. I said nope. They are taped up and staying that way unless F&G wants them opened. When I was getting ready to leave the Ag jerk comes over and asked me to open up the coolers again. The F&G officer asked me if any spine in them. I sad no, just boned out meat and quarters. He said to the Ag jerk, they are sealed up and he's fine so give it a break. The guy left and I said thanks to the F&G officer and left. a 2 hr. $200 ordeal. In Wy. a friend boils them out for me. A galvanized sounds in order next time I go to Az.,Ut. or Nv..... It's funny to see the Ag people when I bring back boiled out skulls from Wy..
Thanks Don,
A story like that was what prompted the original question.
I will be cleaning any skull transported (unless a taxi visit is in order) prior to heading back home.
Unfortunately I have to pass through a little sliver of your fine state.
One of the check stations on my route is manned 9am to 4pm which is ridiculous.
The other route has one that seems to be 6am to midnight which keeps some folks employed but really doesn't stop many bugs.
Went through that one north of Reno (after traveling through 6 states) and didn't even get asked if I had fruit.

I'll make darn sure I'm good but I guarantee there won't be any horns sticking up to draw attention!!!!