First I want to say hello to all. I am new to this forum. I am not new to bow hunting but most of mine has been flat land hunting. I have been very fortunate to take my share of large whitetails, turkey, hogs and varmints with my bow. I am getting towards the latter years in my hunting life and I have a "bucket list" of critters I want before I have to hang it up. I am going for elk this year for my fourth time. Never had one in bow range but I have had some great hunts. This year we go to NM for a hunt on a ranch that has some really good bulls. I have not bow hunted for mulies like I have whitetails. I have chased them in the Oklahoma panhandle but not in the high country. Well, not since I gun hunted in CO back 30 years ago. It is time to take care of that too. I also have to hunt antelope before gravity wins.

I hope to pick you guy's and gal's brains on the right way and areas to do this. I love Eastman's shows and their way of doing things. I also hope I can contribute and help someone as I know you will be helping me. I do some guiding for an outfitter in OK and KS so if I can offer some help on whitetails or turkey, don't hesitate to ask.

Steve Gray from Oklahoma