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    Tent, bivy or hammock?
    I've never had a hammock, read a fair bit about them as I've an interest in them but that's as far as it's gone with them.
    I bivy exclusively when moving through and checking out country, traveling light and running a light spartan camp, it's nice to hole up in when you get caught out late or some lousy weather rolls in unexpectedly. I'm more of a coyote camp and hunting kind of guy.
    A tent is used when I'm planning on hunting out of a particular location for more than a couple of days.
    I'm running a Bibler Fitzroy tent and Bibler Bivy.

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    I use a Hennessy UL Backpacker (2 1/2#) every day for two months each summer. There is nothing more comfortable to sleep in, even including your bed at home. This is especially true if you have back or shoulder problems. I'm a bit of a gear junkie, and have a biffy that weighs less than 1#, but hate it, a two man Euereka Spitfire II 3 season (5#), and a Kifaru 8 man teepee w/SS stove (tent- 7#, stove 5#). The teepee was great during a late season Colorado elk hunt with two other guys. Just don't ever plan on sleeping more that 3 with your gear and stove inside though, and the 6 man would be full with just two. I left the hammock at home and used the Spitfire for a just completed solo backpack hunt into a Co. wilderness area. I wanted room for my gear in case of rain (just missed the big monsoons, but didn't miss the deer). I also have spiked out from the main camp with a Granite Gear tarpent. You can cheaply replicate that by using a heavy duty space blanket (with grommets) and some p-cord for about $12. That is about 1#. I have looked at some newer high tech 2-man tents that are a couple # lighter than the Spitfire, but they all are quite pricy, and have a lot less room. What I end up taking depends on the trip. If I could just figure out how to hang the hammock inside the teepee, I just might move out of my house.



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