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    I would agree with the above assessment on unit 43. Several years back, for a couple years in a row, I spent literally days behind binoculars & spotting scope while volunteering for a bighorn sheep count. Of course, I wasn't going to look away if I saw any big bucks up there above timberline, but in all that time up there all I ever saw was a forkhorn. I was only in a relatively small part of the unit, and the scenery was spectacular, and it looked like a real good place for a real whopper of a buck to hang out. I'm sure there would be a few around but I didn't see enough to make me willing to burn points there at the time. Of course, things could have changed by now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Work2hunt View Post
    Thanks for the candid take on 43. I've heard some similar comments that "43 has some big deer, but it isn't what it used to be" and people are waiting to burn points on it until it recovers.
    It has produced some big deer but I dont think alot of them. IMO its pretty over rated. I saw more deer on some NF land I tried the last few days then I did backpacking into 2 areas of the wilderness. I had a great time and hunt but I drew the ML tag 2nd choice and would have been very disappointed if I had waited that long to draw the rifle tag.
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