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    Talked with the seller and NM Game and Fish today. He has a number of cow tags. I think I am going to wait him out until it gets closer to the first rifle season(Nov. 9-13) until I buy it. Trying to get him to come down on the price. I'll pay 600 but, I'd like to get it cheaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Umpqua Hunter View Post
    Very good explanation by TG.

    If you find a tag, I'll bet you could call fish and game to confirm that person receives landowner tags.
    I agree 100%. And it might not be a bad idea to call fish and game to see if there was something suspicious with the ad.

    I can't tell you of how many Craig's Lists scams I've heard. My former g/f was looking for a rental home. She told me that she was darn near burned by a Craig's List scam. Homeowners about to be foreclosed attempted to lease/rent their foreclosed homes knowing that banks were going to seize their homes in a couple months. She was almost burned on another ad for a ridiculously low-priced used BMW. The "seller" wanted her to wire money to his account in order to hold the car for her.



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