So today I fell off a steel roof and dislocated my shoulder. Funny part it the slip on the roof did the damage, I landed on my feet on the ground.
I have broken so many bones I lost count over the years, this is my first shoulder dislocation. So far the only pleasant part was the fun drugs I got at the ER while they worked on it. I told the lady I would need more than they thought possible....haha...Five doses later they finally consciously managed to sedate me enough to manipulate my arm.

My wife says at some point I was talking about Picasso paintings...haha...I will stick to saying I have NO recollection of such a

So, now with elk season so close, I know I cant shoot my bow right now, and would be in massive pain if not facing another relocation of the shoulder trying.
Has anyone here ever done that,and if so, how did you rehab it. I need good advise, I can take pain, but I MUST be able to hunt with a bow....
Well that and go back to work...sorta pays the bills that way!! haha.
This injury is only 9 hrs old as of now and getting so damn stiff its not funny. I am hoping to get some decent reset (knock on wood) and recovery over the rest of the weekend.

Then need to start getting on it fast. Please give your experience or credentials when providing tips, I dont need to re injure it. Thanks guys.