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Thread: newbie question

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    Quote Originally Posted by luckynv View Post
    It would help to call the nearest Forest Service or Colorado Parks office to where you are planning to hunt and ask them to send you a motor vehicle use map. This will show the roads that are legal for you to drive on and give you an idea of places that you will probably want to avoid. Give yourself a couple of days to acclimate to altitude and make sure to overhydrate as that helps. God luck and God bless
    Good advice. Make sure you get the latest info on road closures as everything has changed a lot in recent years.
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    Given the proximity of I-70 and not being too far down the road from Denver, that unit gets crowded but you have the advantage of some pretty steep, rugged terrain not far from the roads. In my experiences, most people, not just hunters, don't venture more than a mile or so especially if it means anything steep and that country is steep but you have the potential of finding some really nice overlooked bowls and drainages. Whether you start low or high will depend on how the weather has been leading up to your trip. Good luck on your hunt! If nothing else, it is really prettty country and as MM said, if your wife is happy and excited then you're doing real good!

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    Almost all of that GMU is either Forrest Service land or BLM so the good news is you'll have plenty of public land to hunt. I agree with previous posts that the further you can get off the roads the better.

    FYI: In 2013 the success rate for mule deer (bucks), 2nd season, GMU 34 was 17% ... bull elk was 5%.
    I hope you have a great hunt!

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