After not drawing a Wyoming tag for units 73 and 83 (Mule Deer), and then finding a OTC Nebraska hunt to be undesirable at this time, we decided to purchase a leftover Montana tag. It appears that the leftover tags are there because of mule deer #s down and the price of the tags are a little steep.
I called the Miles City office and was given a few general ideas. They pointed me toward the Broadus area west to the Custer National Forest.
Any suggestions, thoughts, ideas, or warnings would be appreciated. Also if we elected not to hunt opening week, would that be a deal breaker? And.....when does the 'Rut' start in that area?
These may seem like simple questions, but as I mentioned in my introduction post (Greetings from Michigan), I have been out of the loop for quite awhile. There will be me and my nephew hunting, plus I have convinced my son to not make the same mistake I made. Take some time off of work (FOMOCO), and go hunting. He's goin! FORD#1