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its like choosing nike or converse..... most pop,= most expinsive, when the other works just as good at less price. i love pse, however i shot my buddies new hoyt yesterday and holly $!!T was it cool.
Mostly TRUE, IMHO. Especially if "works just as good" only means the lethality of the gear. Ease of shooting, comfort in shooting, "Joy" of shooting... that is where the "pop/price" starts to spread the pack out. No doubt, all the years I shot a PSE that the bows shot well, killed lots of animals and were SCREAMING fast. Then I picked up the G5... oh man what a difference! Had always shot Hoyt's off and on, same thing, huge difference in ease of tuning/shooting/joy of shooting. I think the same would be true of Elite, Athens.... there are a lot of great bows out there and I suppose it is personal preference to a degree, but when you find something you LOVE to shoot, you WILL shoot. The more you DO shoot, the better shot you ARE. The money starts to mean less and less at that point.