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    Colorado Unit 74 for elk and muleys

    We will be hunting from a drop camp in Unit 74 for elk and I have a muley tag as well. We will be hunting the 2nd rifle season. I have never hunted this unit before, so any information about it would be greatly appreciated. How is the elk and mule deer population in this area. Thanks in advance.

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    Lone Ranger - I have hunted that area for the last 4 years now and will be back up there again this year for first rifle elk. I live north of DFW airport in Flower Mound so we should get together and discuss more if you'd like. The previous posts are all true. 2 years ago I shot my first elk there, a nice 6x6. Percentages for that area are listed around 28% and that is right on given my experience which is only now one step above novice. I haven't hunted out of the north end where you seem to be putting in only out of Hermosa about 3-5 miles up the trail between Little Elk Creek and Dutch Creek. The area is steep but has good isolated pockets. You will see hunters and guides and if the weather is sunny and warm you will even see hikers. Last year weather was warm and no one was having any luck. Year before weather was colder but not as cold as you would expect and we saw a ton of elk so weather does seem to play a significant role there, as in many other places I'm sure. I feel like I know the area pretty good after looking at maps for the last 3 years and hunting it quite a bit. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have. I will say I agree with the earlier post - in all my years there I have seen very few mulies. But take that for what it's worth, I'm still learning myself.



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